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Stay and Thrive in School: A New Approach

Founded by award winning entrepreneur and community activist, J. Eldridge Taylor Jr, "JET", the JET Foundation's Youth Leadership and Success Institute (YLSI), bring a much needed fresh, innovative and results orientated solution to an old and ever increasing problem. At the heart of the foundation's efforts is our new Stay & Thrive campaign.

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JET Foundation's YLSI Meeting Dates 2013-2014

The campaign's Youth leadership and Success Institute (YLSI) program include but are not limited to the following:

Gang prevention and Academic achievement through Self Esteem building
Faith, Leadership and Civic Engagement Development
Communication Skill Courses
Entrepreneurial Skill Development
Money Management, Etiquette, Health, Wellness, and Fitness Courses

The JET FOUNDATION INC has been conducting Strategies for Success for Students and Parents Workshops and Seminars" now called "Roadmap to Student and Parent Success) at the historic and beautiful Los Angles Southwest College (LASC) campus.

The goal of this program is to give Students and Parents an overview of the following:

Dream Attainment
Time Management
Capitalism / Entrepreneurism
Tools/resources such as "How to hold an Effective Teachers Conference" and "Building a CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) Mindset "

Some of the tools our programs have been in the area of improving their school efforts, which have a profound impact on their life outside of school.

These tools include, but are not limited to:

How to take notes that serve the learning experience and ensure the student has a roadmap for successful studying.

How to prepare for and be successful taking tests.

Delineate the difference between studying and homework and how to consistently do both.

Time management techniques that can be applied during school and after.

As for the parents, The JET Foundation team of educators coach parents on the following:

How to manage their time in order to be effective guiding and supporting their children's educational development.

How to hold an Effective Teachers Conference and Building a CEO (Chief Excitement Offer) Mindset and Effective Listening.

Health, wellness and fitness, entrepreneurial, and presentation skill building, all of which builds self esteem and gets results in the classroom, is covered with both you and your child.

“Youth Leadership and Success Institute (YLSI)”

Our Mentoring Program Stay and Thrive: In School’s “Youth Leadership and Success Institute (YLSI)” is held monthly on the historic campus of Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC). Gang prevention through promoting Academic Achievement, Self-esteem, Leadership/Civic Engagement Development and Dream Attainment, while at the same time developing tomorrow’s leaders today is the mission of the YLSI program!

By putting students Grades K-12, in loving, caring, supportive environment will encourage, energize and enlighten our Students to take control of their lives. We want students to not only learn but have better behavioral change that can improve their lives today and well into the future.

Recognition Programs

YLSI participants are elgible to participate in the JET Foundation’s Pay 4 A’s and GPA Improvement Incentive Plan. In addition,high school seniors will be eligible for the Roberta Jackson and Carletta Jackson Battee Memorial Scholarship.


Short term and long term activities to turn our students into Leaders include (but not limited to):

  • Leadership Skill Building: Not every leader is born! Students will be taught to be independent critical thinkers, how to get motivated and understand the different types and styles of leadership.

  • Faith Building: In order to steer the ship you have to have faith in something, you have to believe in something greater than you. "Give a man food and feed him for a day. But, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!"

  • Communication Skill Building: Encouraging and guiding our kids to be bi-lingual, overlay the language of the streets with the language networking and business. Help our kids strive and communicate in any environment. Coach our students to be able to share their feelings in difficult situations with calm and passion. Share how to be around and get along with people who have different thoughts and ideas.

  • Entrepreneurial Skill Building: We want to impart why school is important! Command of the English language, being able see value and to do statistical analysis in categorizing opportunities in the market place. Give a person a fish will feed them for a day, but teach them how to fish will feed them a lifetime.

In addition to coaching leadership skills, we will have modules on the following:

Faith Building
Entrepreneurial Skill Building
Academic Achievement
Money Management
Health & Fitness


Lastly, JET Foundation has given an average of $1,500.00 the last 3 years through the Roberta Jackson and Carletta Jackson Battee Memorial Scholarships.

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Sometimes in life and in business decisions really are simple. This is one of them.