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Imagine a society where one out of four adults cannot read.

This isn’t the plotline to a new Hollywood disaster film. It’s real, and is arguably the single biggest threat to the economic well being of America’s society and to the health of the bottom line for many companies.

In fact, a recent literacy report issued by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) stated that one in four children in America will grow up not knowing how to read. In addition, one out of twenty adults in America is currently illiterate. Not surprisingly, the cultural demographic most affected is in urban, underserved communities, specifically African-Americans.

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard similar statistics and concerns. The question, however, is how does this affect companies who are in a position to make a real change in our communities?

An uneducated and illiterate society diminishes the number of consumers able to purchase your products and services.

An uneducated and illiterate society severely limits who you can hire as employees, both entry level and management.

From consumers’ inability to make basic level buying decisions to a dramatically shrinking pool of qualified employees to hire, an illiterate and uneducated population carries catastrophic results for society. But it also brings major issues for the present and future health of the companies who depend on our community for survival through talented employees and consumers who trust and buy their products.

The Opportunity: Will You Seize It?

The ability to make a difference begins and ends with the continued education and encouragement of African-American youth. Will you sit on the sidelines or seize this opportunity to play a role in an historic and cultural enhancement initiative?

No matter how unique our foundation’s approach may be, continued development, research and outreach initiatives are critical for this effort to be fully successful. Today, you and your company can make an immediate difference in the lives of our community’s youth, not to mention build an even stronger bond between your brand and the community that supports it.

Below is a brief sampling of the Brand Donation Options:

Exclusive or co-sponsorship of the JET Foundation’s “Mentorship”, “Scholarship”, “Pay for A’s”, “Jet Achievers” and “Road to Education Success” programs.

Access to and brand awareness with key demographic groups in important Southern California communities.

Cash and product donation opportunities. Go beyond just cash donations and make a difference through the donation and use of your company’s products.

A Legacy That Matters: The Choice Is Yours

Fortunately, with the involvement of community leaders, citizens and the combination of local and national corporations, your donation and involvement with The JET Foundation is not alone. When you join the JET Foundation’s ever growing list of community partners you’re not only joining a select group of organizations, you’re making a profound statement as to the type of legacy you and your company create.

If you are a small company or an individual who would like to donate what you can please click on the Donation button below.

If you represent a large corporation or simply want to determine how you or your company can collaborate with The JET Foundation we encourage an initial meeting, either in person or over the phone. Please EMAIL us or call 310-242-1339 today. A representative of The JET Foundation will be contacting you shortly to arrange this meeting.

Sometimes in life and in business decisions really are simple. This is one of them.

On behalf of the JET Foundation and our community partners we look forward to you joining us on this historic journey.

Remember, change isn’t coming. It’s here. The question is what role will you play?